Radon Gas

So Whats the deal ? East Cobb, Marietta, Georgia ? Surely not ….. So the general recommendation of the EPA is to take action if your levels of radon gas in your home exceed 4 pCi/L at any point. Read up here https://www.epa.gov/radon/epa-map-radon-zones. Radon levels can fluctate based on a number of environmental factors such as airflow through the house and weather conditions.


No scare tactics here, This post is really to discuss integration of Radon sensors into your Home Assistant (HA) setup. If your house is really air tight you might have a cause for concern in East Cobb. If you have never had your home tested it’s probably prudent to do so, at least once.

Professional Testing For Radon Gas

Testing by a “pro”, if your going to pay money you expect at least:

Are certified and completed an industry recognized course showing they are capable of understanding and being compentent to carry out such tests.

Have a working, recently calibrated Radon detector with documentation they can provide you, showing when it was calibrated and by whom.

Are able to perform Radon mitigation in the event that high levels of Radon Gas are observed in the testing phase, will deduct the cost of the Radon Gas Test from the mitigation expense and provide you with an estimate of the cost of mitigation PRIOR to any testing.

Monitoring needs to be setup in your crawlspace or basement and run for a min of three days, no less.


Radoneye is a product from a company that also produces equipment for pros, does not require calibration and can be purchased for the price of a professional radon test.

The easiest way to integrate with home assistant is using ESPHome and build a bluetooth proxy.


Using HACS, add the Home Assistant integration rd200v2 after which you can add the ecosense radon sensors by going to Settings – Devices & Services


As always, we provide setup, configuration and support for this type of equipment.

Here is a pretty detailed review of a couple of units


Sensor attributes available in Home Assistant from the Radon sensor

Radon readings from the radoneye sensor in a home in Cobb County GA over 3days